UFIT Telecommunications Service Request

UFIT Telecommunications has stop using the Service Request form and has started using the new UFIT wide ticketing system at http://my.it.ufl.edu

To submit a Request or report an Incident, please follow the simple steps below:

1) Point your browser to the new ticketing system: http://my.it.ufl.edu

2) Click on the green "Technology Services" link.

3) Login with your Gatorlink id and password. If you do not have a UF Gatorlink ID, click on the “Get help accessing your account link” under the blue “Get Help Now” link.

4) Select "Telephone Services"

5) Select one of our services:

  • Blue Light Emergency Phones
  • Conference Call Services
  • Voice Mail
  • Emergency Notification Systems – UF Alert
  • Telephone Services

6) Select between Submitting a Request or Reporting an Incident.

7) Remember to include your UFIT Customer number, department name, the location and any other important information about your Request/Incident.

8) You can also attach files to the request if needed. Your ticket will automatically be routed to the Telecom CSRs and you will receive an email from “UFIT Service Desk” with your Service Request number.