15-08-15- Callmanager Upgrade: UF Main Campus Voice-Over-IP servers will undergo a major software upgrade on Saturday, August 15 from 8AM to 2PM. VoIP phones will experience several resets lasting 10 seconds. Newer phones could face an additional 5 min of downtime to update firmware. InformaCast will be unavailable for approximately 5 mins to update to the new client APIs. Established calls are unaffected by this maintenance and shouldn't disconnect as a result of this work.

04-01-15- Campus VoIP Upgrade and Service Release Patch:  The UF Campus VoIP servers will have a patch applied on Saturday, April 4 starting at 6:00 PM.  This will require a  reload of the CallManager cluster. Phones may experience 3 to 5 minutes of downtime while they receive a phone load update.  Help Desk and Call Center Agents will have to login again to receive calls.  In addition to the CallManger changes, the 911 Emergency Responder servers will be upgraded from version 9.1 to 10.5 during this window.  This change is expected to be non-service affecting.  If any questions or for additional information, please contact UFIT Telecom at 352.273.1234.

02-11-15  - Voicemail Upgrade: The last stage of the campus voicemail migration to Cisco Unity Version 10.0 will begin this evening, Weds 11 Feb at 7:00 PM. During this final phase, saved voicemail messages will be merged with the new platform. Users will not have access to older, saved messages until approximately 6:00 AM Thursday 12 Feb. However, any new messages will be readily accessible. Any messages older than 30 days should be saved and moved as they do not transfer.  Please contact UFIT Telecommunications at 352.273.1234 if any questions. 

12-12-14 - New Ticketing System: Please be aware that on Monday January 5th, 2015 UFIT Telecommunications will stop using the Service Request Form ( and will begin using the new UFIT wide ticketing system at

      New Ticketing System Announcement

      How to Submit a Request

05-14-14 New Fiscal year notice: If Telecommunications is currently billing to a valid ChartField string and there are no changes to your ChartField string for the NEW fiscal year 2014 - 2015, then no action is required by your department for invoices to process in PeopleSoft. The last invoice of fy 13/14 will be posted around mid-June 2014.

01-30-14 - Web-access to manage Cisco phones will require Gatrolink authentication beginning Sunday, February 2, 2014 for UFIT (non-AHC) managed phones.   More information regarding this website can be found in the following guide:

      UF Cisco Phone Management via a Web Page

09-20-13 - UF Campus VoIP Service Upgrade 9-27-2013

05-30-13 - Telecommunications 2013-2014 Year End Memo

05-17-12 - SUNCOM Reservationless Conference Call Service: Suncom has changed the service provider for Reservationless Conference Calling service to BT Conferencing service. If you have any questions about this change, please send an email to

07-12-11 - Directory Dialing Changes - The following changes were made on the campus VoIP system to the caller id of incoming calls to allow users to dial directly from 'missed calls' or 'received calls'

- 9 is prefixed in front of all local calls

- 91 is prefixed in front of all long distance calls including long distance 352 numbers

- 9011 is prefixed in front of all international calls

08-25-11 - Voicemail Migration  The Campus VoIP System managed by Computing & Networking Services will receive an upgrade to the voicemail system on Sunday, September 4th. 

Please review the following PDFs for more detailed information: